Garden walling with bench
Garden walling

Garden walling

Our garden walling will enhance the natural beauty, and structure of your garden.  


We are a supplier of garden walling that is hand crafted, traditional, and natural.


Our garden walling is:

  • Natural - will harmonise with your garden
  • Hard - can be laid in water, and exposed places
  • Hand dressed by our craftsmen - ready to use


For larger, free standing, stable garden walls without a backing block, or mortar, have a look at our drystone page.


We also have in stock matching coping stones, as well as cock and hens to suitably finish off a wall.  This helps to protect the wall, as well as aesthetically present it.


We have a good supply of 7 inch garden walling in stock, and so phone the Quarry to discuss your project on 01963 364200.    10 inch stone can be supplied on request.


Have a look at our garden-wallers and landscapers page for ideas on who might be able to help you with your project.


Our garden stone has been widely used for garden walling over the centuries throughout the West Country and Cotswolds due to its qualities (hardness, water resistance, beauty), and its wide distribution.  Today we are one of the last quarry supplying it.


Garden walls made with natural stone creating structure and harmony

Our garden walling, will blend naturally with the garden. The natural colours, and form of the stone will compliment the surroundings, and will help 'plant' the wall in the garden landscape.   This cannot be replicated by bland uniform artificial stone, that cannot sit naturally in a natural landscape or garden.  It will never look right.


A garden wall is functional, and so will provide structure, and boundaries for a garden, creating space, protection, and zones for different garden activities, and requirements.  However if it is to add real aesthetic value, and stand the test of time, it needs to look and feel right.


Garden walls made of our natural stone are permanent (the stone is very hard, and easy to build with), and are low in maintenance.  In short our they will create a heavenly space, that can be shaped precisely to the requirement of shelter, shade, privacy, boundary, retaining a bank, and at the same time providing a work of art for generations to come. 

Garden walling on path
Garden walling at scale
Garden walls
10 inch garden walling + some through stones
Garden steps
Garden steps using natural stone
Garden wall along track
Garden wall retaining flower bed
Garden walling on drive
Garden walling in contemporary setting

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