Drystone-cladding on new build
Drystone-cladding for house

Drystone-cladding, and facing stone

Drystone-cladding, and facing stone for your house, whether a new build, or an old house that needs an uplift, our natural cladding and facing stone will provide a wonderful mix of ancient, and ultra modern. 


The stone is cropped to 7 inches on bed (the width), providing depth, protection and strength to the stone cladding, with a modern backing block providing the stability.


The stone itself is a very hard (highly durable) natural limestone from the Jurassic period, and so will protect the building from frost, water, and the elements.


The colour is a mix of brown, buff, and green/grey, that provides a mottled look to the stonework.


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Cost of drystone-cladding and facing stone

7 inch width drystone-cladding   -    £220 per tonne (approx. three square metres to a tonne)

Cladding for new build
Cladding - 7 inch on bed stone
Stone cladding
Stone cladding

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